How exciting to be a winner in a competition for my first ever piece of flash fiction.

Head over to Legend Press to read my entry and the other 5 great winners. I particularly love The Doll by Shona Read.

For a lover of long descriptive prose, 200 words is quite scary but what attracted me was the haunted theme. Then it dawned on me that the last time I was a runner up in a writing competition it was once again with ‘haunted’ as the title. Perhaps I should take note and add some more darkness and eerie events into my work.

Funnily enough I’m hopeless at watching horror films because they make my already crazy dreams terrifyingly nightmarish. I’ve read Dracula. Stephen King’s The Stand was pretty creepy too, but I had to read Paul Doherty’s The Rose Demon, in the mornings only. It must be true that what you fear is the best thing to challenge your writing.

What areas challenge you to write?



About josieblueowl

I live a life as healthy and well balanced as I can. I believe that is the best way to support my creativity, I'm definitely not a person who thinks you should suffer to produce good work. I walk, meditate, read, garden, cook and try to write with honesty, and to the best of my ability.
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