The Best Work Takes Time

I really am rubbish at doing this blogging thing on a regular basis even though it feels good to write and share a post with you.

Having said that, all of us have busy lives and my main focus is always on my personal writing projects. I realised recently that I have a lot of short stories and some poetry on the same theme and these words are clamouring to come together in some sort of organised way – as far as wild witchy stories can be organised of course. I’m using a working title, but waiting for the right name to present itself.

I’m also writing a YA novel with shamanic journeying at its core. It feels good to be working on both of these things together especially because I’m aware that there isn’t enough alternative literature out there, particularly for children. Accepting that I’m not a mainstream writer is surely a step toward empowerment.

I spoke to a friend recently who asked when my next book was out as she’d very much enjoyed The Madonna Lily. I was shocked to realise that it has been on Amazon Kindle for 4 years.

I’m finding that the eruption of beautiful blossoms near me is a real inspiration, both along the canal and in Paraker Woods that I frequent whenever possible. As always, walking in nature provides excellent thinking time and getting lost on new paths holds a particular magic for creativity.

I’m often surprised when I find things I’ve written years before hiding in a file on my laptop or conveniently loitering on a notebook page that’s fallen open. It’s interesting how your own words sound when you’ve forgotten them entirely. It certainly makes it much easier to edit as the attachment is long gone. The writing process cannot be pinned down – it’s like a butterfly flitting from one plant to the next, then unexpectedly landing for a time to show off its incredible colours. Then the display is over and hibernation time comes round.  In this world of rushing madly and trying to ‘get yourself out there’ I still believe there’s value in slow meandering and quiet contemplation.

I will reach my goals and even surpass them, in time, one accidental way or another. As we all will.

These photographs are of a recent trip I took to Devon – one of those little breaks that fill your heart and mind with ideas.


About josieblueowl

I live a life as healthy and well balanced as I can. I believe that is the best way to support my creativity, I'm definitely not a person who thinks you should suffer to produce good work. I walk, meditate, read, garden, cook and try to write with honesty, and to the best of my ability.
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7 Responses to The Best Work Takes Time

  1. Lovely to hear from you again, Josie, and get an update on your writing life. Gorgeous pictures too!

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  2. This resonates with me so much. It’s good to feel not alone in our thinking:) I am always happiest in nature, out walking among the beeches and oaks, hawks and bluebirds. The slow meandering provides inspiration for my writing. Lovely photos. Best wishes for all your writing endeavors.

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  3. So glad to hear that you have got back into the writing again Josie.

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