My earliest memory of writing was in filling up pages and pages in an exercise book, with no punctuation, poor spelling and illegible handwriting – but it was so exciting, to get what existed only inside my head onto paper.

I’ve done a variety of jobs in my life, and lived in many places. I’ve been a stay-at-home mum to four children. I have qualifications in a few complimentary therapies and have been on both a yoga journey and a spiritual quest since 1990. Since I was young I’ve been interested in health, cooking, nature and gardening – these things feed into my writing, as do the complexities of human emotion and interaction. I completed a degree in Creative Writing with English Literature in 2012 to make me a more considered writer with some purpose. I’ve written prolifically ever since. I’ve just completed my MA year at University of Kent. The goal is the same as ever – to write because it’s vital to my well being.

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  1. Julie says:

    I can totally relate to this. I used to fill my rough note books at school with stories and comic strips for the enjoyment of my classmates. Maybe I should concentrate on writing Graphic Novels.

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  2. josieblueowl says:

    Why not give it a go Julie. I tried illustrating my own children’s books but found it hard as my drawing skills are not so practised.My eldest son created a cartoon dragon who gobbled pasties all the time when he was young.


  3. Nurserymania says:

    Hi Josie
    It blessed me so very much to meet you and discovering your Surname is Gabriel persuaded me that I had surely met an Angel. Tonight my Nita and I had our Vegan Spagbowl as you directed, with the chopped tomatoes, Peppers, Onions and Garlic, ot forgetting the Quorn mince, together with the Brown rice Spaghetti (a bit bland) and it was wonderful. I have lost close on a stone in two weeks since the Urology Consultant gave me the choice of having a Biopsy or going home for Christmas and having a glass of red wine and coming back in three months, and of course I chose the latter.

    My first Prostrate test was good and the lovely Indian Consultant said that my Prostrate was ‘soft and smooth’ and so deduced that it appears benign in his lovely letter, that also indicated that my urine flow rate was above average. My second Prostrate test was an MRI scan, which was said to be ‘unremarkable’ in a second letter. So finally I went for the third Prostrate test and the Consultant may have been an Angel too, as he was absolutely wonderful and although he indicated, that due to my Prostrate PSA being 6.1, there may be (or even could be) a 12% chance that I have Prostrate cancer but was wise enough to frighten me off from having the biopsies and felt very happy that I should return in three months, after undergoing another PSA blood test.

    So I came home and Googled everything relating to my Prostrate and discovered that my enlarged Prostrate can be reduced by a disciplined diet of Vegetables and Pomegranate juice, and lots of exercise, and that is what I opted for, naturally. My Military Training as a young man kicks in at times like this and I focus on my goal, which is to lose three stone in these next three months and to eliminate all Dairy, Red meat, Sugar and Caffeine. This has brought about a lot of changes of course but I am thrilled that my decision to become healthy has already begun to prove the right course of action, as my urine flow is more than doubled already and I feel alive inside and instead of snacking and sleeping all day long, I am finding myself doing press ups and jumping all around the house, as well as running the 1000 yards around the block (I counted the steps) in my Track suit and bobble hat.
    Your support has meant so much to me Josie and although I am not quite a Vegan, I feel that I could easily be one, seeing that almost all Chicken and fish I discovered are pumped full of chemicals and I so enjoy eating nuts and beans and tons of vegetables, especially Spinach..lol.

    Anyway I just wanted to tell you all about it and to thank you for being there when I needed you.
    Love, peace and blessings.
    Dan Carlton. My Email address is: dancarlton121@gmail.com

    P.S.Oh, my Autobiography is called ‘The Cutting of a Rough Diamond’ It’s here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cutting-Rough-Diamond-Autobiography-Lillians/dp/1508475415/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1515100970&sr=8-2&keywords=The+Cutting+of+a+Rough+Diamond


  4. Nurserymania says:

    Hi Josie. Can you help me please honey. I have had various different folk tell me different things. If when I am writing my Dippy Dan stories I say for instance ‘ Dippy walked to the edge of the cliff and looking down thought “Can I make it back to the boat in time before the tide comes back in” Josie, should I put a question mark at the end of Dippy’s question or is it that because he is talking to himself it doesn’t require one? Blessings and peace. Dan


    • josieblueowl says:

      This is an area that few people agree on. Sometimes with punctuation there are no definitive answers. I would probably write: Dippy walked to the edge of the cliff. Looking down he wondered if he could make it back to the boat before the tide came in. OR you could write: Dippy walked to the edge of the cliff and looking down thought: Can I make it back to the boat in time before the tide comes back in?
      I wouldn’t use speech marks though because his internal thoughts need to be different from any other dialogue. Whatever punctuation choices you make, ensure they are consistent within your own work.
      Good luck Dan,


  5. Nurserymania says:

    Yay, I found you Josie. Chloe managed to find it. I should know how to do this stuff, I’ve been blogging for twenty years or more..lol 🙂 I would love to have lunch with you at the Veg Box one Friday afternoon because I have so many questions to ask you, about recipes and writing… and who knows, I may have a few answers too. Blessings, love and peace. Dan xxx


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