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It’s been a while since I posted. Been crazy busy getting on with my Creative Writing MA at uni. Having plenty of meltdowns about just how hard it is to manage financially and be in education. At present, I’m having … Continue reading

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The Physicality of Writing

The physicality of writing is a twofold thing. The first I’ve spoken about before, and it’s more to do with what you do when you’re not writing. For me that’s either when I’m planning, or thinking, or get an internal … Continue reading

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Getting Back on Track

I was really organized, I was so prepared, but moving house still impacted more heavily on my life than I thought possible. It wasn’t just deciding what to give to charity, the gathering and packing of boxes and endless cleaning. … Continue reading

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Any Which Way You Walk

Walking and thinking go hand-in-hand – certainly if you walk alone, which I usually do most days. You can walk to escape an argument, to change stagnant energy, to mull over a difficult situation, or to day dream. The latter … Continue reading

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