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The Physicality of Writing

The physicality of writing is a twofold thing. The first I’ve spoken about before, and it’s more to do with what you do when you’re not writing. For me that’s either when I’m planning, or thinking, or get an internal … Continue reading

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The Short Story

I had to write short stories at school and University. Whenever I’ve got a little stuck with a novel I’ve begrudgingly written a short story in-between to fill the gap and keep my hand in, or specifically to enter a … Continue reading

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The Journey

I have kept a diary from the age of about eight. I used to start each day with: Dear Kizzy, and write as if to a friend. Sadly most of my teenage diaries were destroyed because my older self didn’t … Continue reading

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Staying the Course

Part of maintaining vitality in writing is about learning how to stay on course. Personally I’ve found this difficult. After years of scribbling ideas for novels down, writing short stories, poems, and journals, I finally committed to a particular character … Continue reading

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Any Which Way You Walk

Walking and thinking go hand-in-hand – certainly if you walk alone, which I usually do most days. You can walk to escape an argument, to change stagnant energy, to mull over a difficult situation, or to day dream. The latter … Continue reading

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