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I have always dreamt prolifically and have good recall. As a young girl I had three reoccurring nightmares that involved me waking at the point of gruesome death – salt water filling my lungs, flames engulfing my body or impact … Continue reading

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Packing Projects, Unpacking Joyful Effort

I’m once more in the throes of packing up a house – feels like I’ve done nothing but move or think about moving for the last five years. However, it’s good for decluttering and certainly makes you think more deeply … Continue reading

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Tall Tales – The Undying Woman

I’m very excited about a collaboration I’m involved with. One of my ‘Journey to Spirit’ short stories – Undying Woman, is being brought to life by wonderful illustrator Aaron McArdle. (Tall Tales Comic Art.)┬áMore to come on this project…  

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