A Day in the Life of Procrastination.

5.30am     I’m woken by a noise. Is it the cats? No, they’re silent just now. Is it a burglar? No, I live in such an out-of-the-way spot. Has the boiler blown up? No, thankfully. Was it in my dream? Ahh yes, it all comes back. I was woken (too late to go back to sleep) by a noise in my dream!

5.40am    Try to upload family photos onto facebook. Poor connection will not allow this.

6.00am    Make tea. Attempt to feed cats but realize the next box of food is in the utility room which is separate to the house and it’s raining outside.

6.10am    Do a few yoga stretches, enough to stop the guilt, not enough to be called daily practice.

6.25am    Eat bananas and almond butter on brown sourdough toast.

6.45am    Wash, dress. Feed cats.

7.00am    Write a shopping list and a things to accomplish list. Look at the things outstanding on yesterdays things to accomplish list. Sigh.

7.10am    Make coffee. Sit with kids. Write a letter to the school about dentist.

7.40am    Mad panic to get forgotten rubbish and recycling outside in time. Tidy up.

8.00am    School run.

8.30am    Finish crazy patchwork block for quilt that I started yesterday (not on list of things to accomplish).

9.00am    Check e-mails (answer a few), check facebook (upload photos), read a few posts from people I follow (not on list).

9.20am    Iron small pile of clothes (not on list).

9.35am    Look at things to accomplish list (yesterdays and todays). Make coffee.

9.55am    Sort out material scraps (not on list).

10.15am    Read through notes for latest book. Write 6 words (to finish yesterday’s sentence – yes I do sometimes stop mid-sentence?! I don’t get it either!).

10.30am    Look at overall skeleton plan for novel. Think what a long way still to go. Sigh. Get cross with myself and think how much I’ve already done. Look out of the window.

11.00am    Put sewing things away, clear table, get serious.

11.15am    Check my accounts, and do some banking transactions (not on list).

11.30am   Wish I had an evil Victorian taskmaster to stand over me and force me to write. Ponder why it’s so hard to get on with what I really love doing. Imagine myself back employed in a job I hate, with no time to write. Sigh.

11.45am    Write 3 paragraphs. Make tea.

12.30pm    Read paragraphs. Delete first two.

12.45pm    Write another four paragraphs. Enjoy slight flicker of satisfaction.

1.30pm    Give in to stomach rumbling. Eat mackerel salad.

2.00pm    Write solidly for two hours, wondering what the big deal was.

4.00pm    School run. Make tea. Catch up with kids.

5.00pm    Write intermittently whilst preparing dinner. Wish I hadn’t wasted the morning.

6.30pm    Eat Baked chicken and vegetables with brown basmati. Clear up.

7.15pm    Finish chapter (including the last sentence).

8.30pm    Work on tapestry cushion cover whilst watching history programme on Medieval Birth, Marriage and Death.

10.00pm    Cross two things off list. Admire quilting blocks. Vow to do better. Read. Sleep.

crazy block


About josieblueowl

I live a life as healthy and well balanced as I can. I believe that is the best way to support my creativity, I'm definitely not a person who thinks you should suffer to produce good work. I walk, meditate, read, garden, cook and try to write with honesty, and to the best of my ability.
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