Books that Inspire

thechrysalidsthe war of the worldslord of the ringslord foul's banedaggerspellThe_Subtle_Knifethe crystal cavethe rapturethe children of menthe blind assassinshadow-of-the-windthe ancient solitary reignatonementTo_Kill_a_Mockingbirdthe-god-of-small-things-arundhati-royTheCrowRoadbehind the scenes at the museumthe-loopsmall islandshippingnewsredemption

I’ve been finding recently that my head is clearer, because my home is less cluttered. This is because I’m up for sale and hoping to move from a large 4 bed house to a much smaller property next year. And is also in line with my study of Buddhism, and living more mindfully. So the one thing that I would never get rid of was books. Clothes, shoes – no problem, DVD’s, ornaments, kitchen paraphernalia – selectively, but books – never.  Over the last six months I’ve given to charity about ¾’s of my novels, and am now reading fiction on a kindle. The novels that avoided the clear-out were very old children’s books that I treasure and would like to show to grandchildren, or ones that were so brilliant that I couldn’t bear being without a paper copy. This got me thinking about the kind of writer I am, and just how much this is based on what I read. Also, whether or not the themes that interest me now are an intrinsic part of me, or just current fascinations.

I write fantasy, YA fiction, environmental dystopia, relationships and the human struggle to grow, medieval superstition, nature…

So I’m sharing a pictorial view of a selection of my favourite books, the ones that have particularly touched me, or inspired me over the years. I’ve shown the first of trilogies or series, and have allowed myself only one from each  author, otherwise this could have got totally out of hand! I’m sure I’ve left many out, and I can’t wait for the ones yet to be read…

There’s still an owl hoot, or a cat’s whisker, the sound of hooves, or the howl of a wolf somewhere in my work. Along with something mysterious, or challenging, the exploration of the psyche through despair and passion, or fantastical events; and the search for spiritual faith. I do enjoy murder mysteries but don’t feel drawn to write one, and I love books written from a variety of cultures, but I have never had the confidence (or time to do the research) to be able to write from a different culture than my own.

Tell me what books have made a lasting impression on you. How have they affected your life, and/or your writing?

rebecca-by-daphne-du-maurierfar from the madding crowdwuthering-heightsJaneEyreCoverthe great gatsbythe wise womanthe rose demonmonkshoodEat,_Pray,_Love_–_Elizabeth_Gilbert,_2007Comet-in-Moominlandwild swanMy-Friend-Flickamistynew patches for oldthe-island-of-adventurewinnie the poohGobbolinosmoke and fluffwhen we went to the parkbob robberdownload


About josieblueowl

I live a life as healthy and well balanced as I can. I believe that is the best way to support my creativity, I'm definitely not a person who thinks you should suffer to produce good work. I walk, meditate, read, garden, cook and try to write with honesty, and to the best of my ability.
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4 Responses to Books that Inspire

  1. pandorasaltereg0 says:

    Real good read. Love how you put this together x


  2. Anne todd says:

    Hi Josie
    I’ve read and enjoyed over twenty of your book choice, so we must have a similar taste in books. To add to that I wouldn’t hesitate over EM Forster – Howards End, Dickens – Our mutual friend plus David Copperfield , Anthony Trollope – The Warden, Jane Austen -Pride & préjudice , DH Lawrence – Lady Chatterley & Women in Love, HE Bates – Fair stood the wind of France, and Anna Karenina. That’s a backward glance, but with the more recent writers, I would include at least one of Rose Tremain’s – Music & silence, Sadie Smiths – White Teeth, Sebastian Faulks – Birdsong, Oh there must be more, just remembered Wild swans – Hung Chang, unforgettable. It feels good to think back, after all they are a bit like old friends! The most recent book Before I go to sleep by SJ Watson I would definitely recommend, you can’t put it down!
    Just looking forward to your next one Josie!
    Love Mum

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    • josieblueowl says:

      It’s an enjoyable process to look back at loved novels, and yes they are very much like old friends; but understandably difficult to choose a selection because there are just so many wonderful books in the world, and we haven’t read the half of them yet!! I like the title ‘Before I go to Sleep’. I’m missing Harry and Cecily so will get back to them soon. xx


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